A downloadable game for Windows

Wield your magical sword in Virtual Reality motion controller and start slashing! Swing to generate waves of power to slice everything in half! Demons, mountains and planets beware!


Slash: Press and hold Trigger, swing your arm and release Trigger.

Block: Block Beams with your sword by hitting them in opposite angle (perpendicular).

Fist: Use your other hand to block other projectiles than Beams.

Hand Gestures: Use your Fist hand to show gestures from Track Pad direction presses. (Up, Down, Left, Right)

UI: Game UI is used with mouse and keyboard from your desktop.

Single Player: Play the game alone.

Quick Play: Play the game together with someone through online multiplayer.

Create Game:  Give a name for your room in the "Room Code" input field. Press Create Game to create the game.

Join Game: Give a name for a room, created by someone else in the "Room Code" input field. Press Join Game to join the game.

The product can include bugs. Please try restarting the game if you feel you have found one.


We developed Vertical Slice VR in six weeks. The game is a short free demo, with the goal to test the waters with smaller and faster development cycle. We are four game developers working passionately together, so forming a company together in 2017 was the beginning to chase our dream.  We believe we are creating the Most Awesome, greater-than-life VR games and hopefully you can feel that too. There are enough shooters in the VR space; lets build a new community to create best possible VR games to enjoy them together as players and developers.

We have released two games as Evocat Games:  VR boss-fighting games Nemesis Perspective (2016) and Nemesis Realms (2018) available through Steam Store.

Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments and let us know if you can identify with us and our games! evocatgames.com

Install instructions

Vertical Slice VR is played in Virtual Reality. The game requires HTC Vive or Oculus Rift virtual reality equipment. The game uses SteamVR virtual reality equipment input system, download it through Steam https://steamcommunity.com/steamvr . Game is ready to be played after installing SteamVR and downloading the game.


Vertical Slice VR.zip 82 MB